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Testing & Diagnostics

Expert Testing and Diagnostics

Let Us Locate the Leaks You Can't Find

If you think there's a leak under the house or slab but don't know where it is, get Integrity Plumbing Repair on the job.

We can locate what you can't see using special equipment and processes that are designed to pinpoint breaks in the system.

Effective Tests for Supply Lines and Drains

When looking for your leaky pipes, we'll start off with a two-part plumbing test.
  • The pressure test uses a gauge to record the operating pressure of your supply lines. When the water supply is cut off, your pressure reading shouldn't change. If it does, water is leaking somewhere. Your plumbing system must be in reasonably good working order for the test to provide accurate results
  • The hydrostatic test is performed on your drain lines. We isolate the building sewer from your yard line and then fill your system up and let it sit for 20 minutes. If the water level stays the same, no leaks are present. If the water drops, there is a leak and further diagnostics will be necessary

Ask About Our Same-Day Services

Additional tests include isolation tests for sewer lines and leak locating for fresh water using digital geophones.

If you think you have a leak and need tests run, call 817-561-6504 or contact us today. We offer same-day services and price match on particular jobs. Our workmanship is backed by a 1-year warranty.
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